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I love to stay in one of many Walt Disney World® Resorts. There are over twenty to choose from. I like to have all of the perks with staying on Disney property. In my opinion the transportation that is provided helps immerse you into the magical world. Sometimes I have to go on a budget. I have stayed at Pop Century twice. It is a Disney value resort, with a “far out” atmosphere of fun. It is themed after the fabulous fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties of our American culture. There are many large icons throughout the property. Pop Century is located in the Animal Kingdom area.


This is a very large resort with 2880 rooms. If you would like to be close to the buses and the wonderful food court it is worth the small extra cost for a “preferred” room. The food court has a wide variety of food including Pizza, pasta, and, burgers. There are also several bakery items to choose from.

There are three different shaped pools on the property. One is a bowling pin shape, the second is a flower, and the third is computer shaped. There is also a kiddie pool located on site. You are allowed to swim in any of the three pools.


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I thought the gift shop was a very nice one with many different items to choose from. It was about a medium size gift shop but, I love to shop! Just outside of the gift shop is an artist that draws amazing characture pictures. She was an exceptionally talented artist!

The buses for transportation work very well. Since Pop Century is a very large resort they do not stop at any other resorts. This makes your wait and transportation time much shorter. Other resort buses stop at more than one resort.

In conclusion, the next time you are thinking about a value resort give Pop Century a try for a change. It is bright and colorful & full of fun! I think you will really think it is “hip” and the price is really “groovy”!

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  1. Chris

    We just spent are fourth time at the pop – 2nd time in the same room we love the resort and the staff is great – we will stay at the resort again soon I hope – we have stayed at other resorts from the grand flo and Saratoga and port Orleans river side and the Caribbean beach and Pop is the most bang for the buck


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