Walt Disney World® Resort Tip of The Week


Walt Disney World® Resort tip of the week is to stay at one of the over twenty “Disney” Resorts. My family and I really enjoy staying onsite when we go for our vacations. There are several perks that come with staying onsite which are not available when you stay outside of Walt Disney World. Some of the best perks my family enjoys are listed below:

  1. Extra Magic Hours~~Go to the parks before they open and close.
  2. Make your Fastpass+ 60 days before your vacation instead of 30 days when staying off site.
  3. Different themes to stay at. Choose where you would like to be. Hawaii, Key West or an Atlantic Boardwalk. So many to choose from!
  4. Free parking in all 4 theme parks or park the car and enjoy having all of the different types of travel. Buses, boats, monorail, and walking are so nice and convenient at your Resort. It is magical to have a chauffeur for your vacation.
  5. Be able to book~~The Disney Dining Plan and plan where you want to eat.
  6. Fabulous pools to swim in~~with activities for children.
  7. Different activities throughout the resort some have tours and flag raising.
  8. Some of the finest restaurants to eat in at your Resort.
  9. The Magical Express which picks you up and takes you back to the airport. It also takes care of your baggage it just appears in you room!
  10. Disney Service at your Resort!
  11. Complimentary Magic Bands~~~they are your room key, your charging privileges, for Fastpass+ reservations, and the Disney Dining Plan.

My family and I love to stay at the different resorts at Walt Disney World. It really takes you away from the mundane daily routine and gives you a joyful vacation filled with fun and excitement! Look online and choose which resort you would like to stay at!

For more information visit https://disneyworld.disney.go.com on the web.





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