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Meet CUJO a Smart Firewall with Parent Controls


Meet CUJO which is a device which keeps your whole network safe! I would like to show you in the photo below where it has found nine devices to keep safe on our network. I think this is amazing! I love technology, and if I had this device a few months ago, I would not be working on two computers with viruses, and in the above photo is online when the eyebrows are lit up. CUJO is business level security!

CUJO does all of this below:

  • INTERNET SECURITY FIREWALL. CUJO will secure all devices connecting to your WiFi router, and it detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks. Think of it like antivirus for your entire network.
  • PEACE OF MIND ONLINE. A hacker can lure you into visiting a malicious site and gain access to your email account, hack your cameras, and steal your photos.
  • PARENTAL CONTROLS. Protect your children from inappropriate sites. Apply internet access policies to any or all devices such as a smartphone, gaming console, tablet, or computer. Set time restrictions, pause the internet, and have Social Media Monitoring.
  • CONNECT TO ROUTER, CONTROL BY PHONE. iOS and Android smartphone apps put you in control of your internet security at all times. Connect CUJO to your WiFi router (free setup support by phone or at your home).
  • BLAZING FAST – built with 1GB Ethernet, will not slow down your network.

I am delighted with CUJO in knowing all of my devices and personal information is safe on my network, is just the right size and does not take up much room. The photo above shows CUJO on top of my Netgear router.

To learn more about the CUJO Smart Firewall, please follow this link:   http://bby.me/tj69h



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