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Pandora – The World of Avatar | Walt Disney World® Resort Review

I was finally able to see Pandora after waiting almost a year to see this new area. I loved the beautiful colors of the plants and the area itself was gorgeous. The line for The Avatar Flight of Passage was over 340 minutes along with the Na’vi River Journey being at 85 minutes.  The Avatar Flight of Passage was a great ride. I really felt as though I was flying on a Banshee. During the Na’vi River Journey, I wanted to touch one of the spinning yellow flowers they were just too far away. The Na’vi River Journey in Pandora was so short! I was just enjoying it and it was over! Maybe it is only 1 or 2 minutes, I will have to ask about that.

The area of Pandora is very small for so many people. I have not heard of it being expanded. There is one set of bathrooms and one restaurant and of course a gift shop. The gift shop had a futuristic place where you could make your own Avatar Doll, and buy a Banshee. Next trip I would love an Avatar Doll, so cool!


At night the Pandora area was lit up and very pretty just like the movie. My expectations were to be walking “through” the movie and they were not met due to the area being so small. Compared to Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, where it really feels like you are walking “through” the movie series. In my opinion, Universal Orlando has the better areas set up and Disney might have dropped the ball on Pandora unless it expands. Also, no one can ride The Avatar Flight of Passage at Pandora without waiting 4 hours in line? There are never any Fasspass+ left for the ride. To sum it all up Pandora has pros and cons just like any other Theme Park area but, we waited eight years for it. What do you think about Pandora? Leave your comments above.

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