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Memory Maker at the Walt Disney World®Resort

Photo Credit: Disney

Many people ask is Memory Maker worth the price. To me, it is worth every penny. I love all of the different “Magic” shots Memory Maker has to offer at the different theme parks, resorts, and now at Disney Springs too! I go to the Walt Disney World® Resort often and make sure I buy a pass that includes it but, if you stop to take just 5-10 photos it pays for itself. I would not have near as many memories of my son growing up without it. I love to look back on fond memories of the Walt Disney World® Resort with my family. I am a very sentimental person so Memory Maker is for me! I also take most of the photos so it is nice to be in them with my family. There are also borders and stickers to put on your photos before downloading them. I usually buy the disk of photos for $29.99 and it includes a nice gallery disk. The gallery disk has different photos of the Walt Disney World® Resort on it. The castle photo above is on my gallery disk.

I want to show you many photos in this post to show some of the variety in what comes with it. There are so many more magic shots then there used to be. Memory Maker has come a long way in a few years. My son has grown up in the Walt Disney World® Resort and has been able to go many times. I was not able to go until my teenage years and I fell in love with the Magic Kingdom, it stole my heart! Oh, that was the only park then! Wow, time flies and that is why Memory Maker is so “Magical”. Do not miss out on the memories. For more information visit more information on my site: https://fansofmickeymouseshouse.com/category/disney/  And Walt Disney World® Resort https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/

Pandora – The World of Avatar | Walt Disney World® Resort Review

I was finally able to see Pandora after waiting almost a year to see this new area. I loved the beautiful colors of the plants and the area itself was gorgeous. The line for The Avatar Flight of Passage was over 340 minutes along with the Na’vi River Journey being at 85 minutes.  The Avatar Flight of Passage was a great ride. I really felt as though I was flying on a Banshee. During the Na’vi River Journey, I wanted to touch one of the spinning yellow flowers they were just too far away. The Na’vi River Journey in Pandora was so short! I was just enjoying it and it was over! Maybe it is only 1 or 2 minutes, I will have to ask about that.

The area of Pandora is very small for so many people. I have not heard of it being expanded. There is one set of bathrooms and one restaurant and of course a gift shop. The gift shop had a futuristic place where you could make your own Avatar Doll, and buy a Banshee. Next trip I would love an Avatar Doll, so cool!


At night the Pandora area was lit up and very pretty just like the movie. My expectations were to be walking “through” the movie and they were not met due to the area being so small. Compared to Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, where it really feels like you are walking “through” the movie series. In my opinion, Universal Orlando has the better areas set up and Disney might have dropped the ball on Pandora unless it expands. Also, no one can ride The Avatar Flight of Passage at Pandora without waiting 4 hours in line? There are never any Fasspass+ left for the ride. To sum it all up Pandora has pros and cons just like any other Theme Park area but, we waited eight years for it. What do you think about Pandora? Leave your comments above.

For more information on The Walt Disney World®Resort visit: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/

and: https://fansofmickeymouseshouse.com/category/disney/


16 foot Gingerbread House is a Candy Store in Disney’s Grand Floridian Lobby!


Gingerbread House Candy Store in Disney's Grand Floridian Lobby!

Gingerbread House Candy Store in Disney’s Grand Floridian Lobby!

I have a special holiday tip for you. There is a 16-foot Gingerbread House that is a candy store! It is so exciting to see and is located in the lobby at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa®. I love to purchase a roof shingle, which is a large piece of gingerbread shaped like the gingerbread house roof. Then I like to sit down. It takes a while for everything to soak in. It is so very magical in the lobby. There are lots of Christmas Decorations, an extra large Christmas tree, and during certain times of the day, there is an orchestra playing. I cannot believe the tender loving care which goes into the decorating of The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa’s® Lobby. It is overwhelming when you first walk in and see the decorations, tree and gingerbread house. Next, you can smell the gingerbread, oh it smells so good! When the orchestra is playing it is like the cherry on top of ice cream!

Gingerbread House Roof Shingle

Gingerbread House Roof Shingle

Gingerbread House in Disney's Grand Floridian Lobby!

Gingerbread House in Disney’s Grand Floridian Lobby!

Decorations and Gingerbread House in Disney's Grand Floridian Lobby!

Decorations and Gingerbread House in Disney’s Grand Floridian Lobby!








This is such a treat to visit here during the Holidays. This is on my “do not miss” things to do. I usually call to see when the orchestra is playing and then plan when I would like to go. There are also Photo Pass Photographers in the lobby to take photos in front of the large tree. This is somewhere I like to spend more than thirty minutes at. I could stay all day but, only stay a couple of hours. Yes, I really do stay a couple of hours just in the lobby but, there are also many places to eat at too. Take my tip and do not miss this you will really enjoy it here it is filled with bright pixie dust!

For more information call: 1-407-934-7639 for reservations to stay or visit: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/

Let’s All Go To Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party!

Let’s all go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! It really snows on Main Street! My son and I love to go to this party! First, I want to let everyone know the lines are small during this party because Disney only sells so many tickets and it is sold out. Yes, I have seen it sold out before so if you are planning to purchase your tickets pick your date.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!

Photo Credit: Disney

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!

Photo Credit: Disney

We love all of the different treats which are included in your ticket price. This is a separately ticketed event. There are different treats at different locations inside the park. We just happen to love the snickerdoodle cookies! They are so good! Any treat is better at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I think it is that special feeling of merriment in your heart from just being there.

The parade and fireworks are our favorites. Of course, I know everyone likes those but, they are special during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! And the snow on the Main Street makes the Party super fun. We live in Florida so that is the only time we see snow for the year! And there is a lot of snow on Main Steet! (Of course, it feels real!)

Also, during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party are dancing, and singing by the different Characters which are dear to our hearts. It makes it very exciting when you are with your family!

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

There are also many different photos you can have taken with Memory Maker. They add special “Magic” into the photos all of the time. There are also special borders and stickers you can use on your photos. This makes an extra special memory and I cherish all of my photos as my son grew up with me at The Walt Disney World ®Resort and with this special party, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. This party will bring joy into your heart and memories for years to come!


For more information on this event follow this link:  https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/magic-kingdom/mickeys-very-merry-christmas-party/